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Dublin Civil Defence HQ,
The Esplanade,
Wolfe Tone Quay,
Dublin 7.

Tel: (01) 6772699
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This is the official website of Dublin Civil Defence, a statutory service that acts as a backup to the full time emergency services.
Within this website we hope to give you, the public, an insight into what we do.

Dublin Civil Defence Incident Command Unit

What is Civil Defence?
Civil Defence is an organisation comprising almost entirely of volunteers. It’s prime role is to give aid and assistance in time of emergencies in support of the professional emergency services. Members attend classes in many disciplines, such as life saving skills, First Aid, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Water Rescue, Radiation Monitoring, Radio Communications, and looking after the welfare of those evacuated during an emergency. You can read more about civil defence on our parent site, or on Wikipedia.

Why Join Civil Defence?
As well as learning new techniques, which will enhance your personal development, you can assist your local community in the event of an emergency. Could you be of assistance if you came across an accident at home or in your locality? Could you be of assistance in times of flooding or help to search for a missing person? Civil Defence can teach you these skills. If you are over 17 years of age and feel you would like to be a part of Dublin Civil Defence, visit our recruitment page.