It is with great sadness to report the death of Paddy Sinclair.

When the AFS unit was started in 1959  Paddy Sinclair left Rescue and became the 1st member of AFS and in those early years the new AFS unit trained in Tara St. 

Paddy developed the foundations and structure to what we know AFS is like today. Paddy was over 40 years in the CD organisation and very much dedicated himself to the organisation and AFS was always very close to his heart.

Paddy was the man responsible for the first AFS class in Dublin which shaped the lives of all those who joined the service after him. He is owed a great deal of gratitude from all of us and especially those who went on to join the DFB and Airport F.S. and many other Fire services around the world New York and Australia they who owe their career to Paddy who encouraged them all to pursue a career in the Fire Service.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his Family at this time